Engaging in the work of Analytical / Depth psychotherapy is so incredibly relevant in these times when we are besieged by emotions, reactivity, altered truth and realities; where finding our grounds takes longer….

In this work we look at our reaction and response to what happens to us, to the world around us. We look at our feelings about things and about feelings too. We get curious about what Dr. Eigen calls the capacity for our “emotional responsiveness, our unconscious as well as conscious emotional sensitivity”, which has extraordinary bearing and impact on our personality and being.

When we aren’t able to name our feelings, make room for them, process and digest them, we stay emotionally hungry and suffocate. And that kind of hunger often results in us acting out and we end up wounding ourself, and others too–consciously or unconsciously.

So in psychotherapy we get curious about what churns in the pit of our stomach; we get curious about finding language for and naming what’s underneath the “nagging”, “blaming”, “shutting down”, “rejecting”…. We learn to make room for our emotional hunger; for our tendencies and feelings; so that we can digest them and make capacity to see what ‘they’ have to say.

Part of the work of analytical/depth psychotherapy is about learning to partner with our feelings, with our capacities, and with ourself too.