Exploring your life challenges with a dedicated therapist can be a remarkable gift to yourself in your growth and becoming. I offer a safe collaborative space to explore that which ails you and the places that feel shaky, difficult and overwhelming. I view symptoms and life challenges not as problems that need “curing” or “fixing”; instead I approach these as sign posts and look to uncover their deeper roots and meanings.

I offer a supportive environment and can help you gain insight into your difficulties, cultivate the capacities to better partner with your feelings, find your inner and outer resources towards new clarity, new direction, positive change, and healing.

In my work I help individuals tend to feelings of depression, anxiety, stress, relationship challenges, family conflict, stress, trauma and PTSD, spirituality, women’s challenges.

I specialize in grief and loss– be it the physical loss of a loved one, or the emotional pain that comes from difficult challenging relationships, life transitions, and chronic illness.

My approach is grounded on Jungian depth psychology. I anchor the therapeutic process on art therapy, sand-play, and body-centered modalities.
I welcome you to contact me for a consultation.

I welcome adults, children, and couples, addressing a range of life challenges.


I offer 50 minutes weekly sessions for individuals and 60 minutes weekly sessions for couple, and sessions will vary depending on your needs and circumstances.


Individuals whose healthcare insurance plan includes out-of-network mental health benefits can receive partial reimbursement for their psychotherapy services. I am an out-of-network provider and upon request, I can provide receipts (“Superbills”) for services for you to submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.

Please be sure to check with your health insurance provider to determine whether you are eligible for reimbursement for mental health services provided by non-participating or out-of-network providers; you might also want to review the nature of your outpatient mental health benefits.