Life tosses us in all directions; we get stuck and it can feel incredibly hard to find our ground and get back on our feet. The painful feelings of aloneness, anxiety, and depression can scare us, overwhelm us, keep us stuck and prevent us from experiencing the fullness of life. These are all part of the experience of being Human. And in navigating it, we need accompaniment, support, care, and being listened, to make sense of it all, to find our ground again. I offer a supportive and reflective space to facilitate a reconnection to what gives each individual meaning and their unique sense of wholeness.

I work with adults, children, couples and families, on a range of life challenges. My process of psychotherapy is grounded in a Jungian/depth psychological orientation; I draw on creative expressive arts, somatic and mindful-based modalities, as well as sand-play and dream analysis to facilitate and support our work together.

I approach the process of psychotherapy with openness and curiosity, drawing on imagination, night-dreams, and the emotions felt and held in the body to lean into the Whole of you.

My particular areas of interest and focus are:

  • Grief and Loss
  • Major life transitions (i.e. marriage, divorce, illness)
  • Feelings of depression and Anxiety
  • Everyday life challenges (i.e. career, relationship conflicts)