I work with adults, children, couples and families, on a range of life challenges. My process of psychotherapy is grounded in a Jungian/depth psychological lens, where I draw on creative expressive arts, somatic and mindful-based modalities, as well as sand-play and dream analysis to support our work together.

We will spend time talking and examining the areas of your life where you feel shifts are needed. We will draw on curiosity, imagination, your night-dreams and the emotions you feel and hold in your body. The process leans into the Whole of You: Mind, Body and Psyche. We will learn to put language to what is hard or unknown, to name and to bring to awareness what needs attention.

My particular areas of interest and focus are:

  • Grief and Loss
  • Major life transitions (i.e. marriage, divorce, illness)
  • Feelings of depression and Anxiety
  • Everyday life challenges (i.e. career, relationship conflicts)